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Bespoke designs tailored to your brand to give your content a fresh & modern feel.



Our eLearning will engage your learners like no other, whether it is consumer-facing or internal content, trust us to tell your story and take your learners on a journey that is immersive, interactive and fun.


We take your existing online or in-person training and turn it into next-gen eLearning that your learners will truly love.
With our custom eLearning solutions, we can fully realise your eLearning vision to deliver better results.


Whatever your intended learning outcomes, we’ll take the time to understand your business and provide custom analytics and reports, so you can understand the impact of your learning strategy and demonstrate an ROI.

Catering to projects of all sizes.

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Gamified content

Thoughtful gamification is an apt tool for teaching complicated concepts in a fun and intuitive manner. We have a policy not to aimlessly add in games, levels, points and badges. We instead use these tools when appropriate as a teaching aid to improve learning and engagement.

Accessibility first

Accessibility should not be an afterthought, we routinely create accessible learning experiences so nobody is left behind. We will guide you through our accessibility processes to ensure you're compliant.

Responsive layout

In the modern world, all content should be completely responsive. Learners expect to be able to complete eLearning on whatever device they are using. We always ensure our learning experiences are completely responsive.

Bespoke design

Good design is imperative to keeping the learner switched on throughout an eLearning experience. Bad eLearning design can lead to frustrated learners and a shorter product lifespan, as the experience is perceived to be outdated, regardless of content. Our next-generation eLearning experiences ensure your online learning is fun, exciting and future-proofed.


Delivering impactful eLearning.

How do you teach key computing concepts in a fun and engaging way when schools are closed?

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