A suite of learning modules introducing key computing concepts

Rapid delivery of bespoke content

The first three courses were planned, developed and launched in just 4 weeks.




We were challenged by BT, the UK's largest telecoms provider, to create unique educational content for their BT Skills for Tomorrow and Barefoot Computing platforms to help both parents and teachers adapt to home learning, in light of the UK school closures due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

What we delivered

Rhubarb worked closely with BT to create a new way for Barefoot to reach their learners at home and in the classroom. A hybrid between some of Barefoot's existing offline material and our own creative input emerged that has since been nominated for 'Best learning game' at the Learning Technologies Awards 2020 .

Responsive Design



Custom Voiceover


Composed Soundtrack

Welsh Translation

Bringing computing to life

Each module was centered around teaching a particular computing concept. We introduced new terms, highlighted their importance, and tested learners frequently throughout. Custom analytics showed how far learners progressed, giving us key data for reporting on the impact of the project.


Lives, points and award systems




Learning through play

Extra challenges across the lessons vary from cracking intercepted WW2 codes with a cipher to blowing up asteroids while using variables to keep score. These keep learners engaged when introducing new information and encourage them to continue.

Adding character

In-house illustrations coupled with voiceovers breathe life into the modules.
These characters lead the learner on a journey through the content.

Extensive theming

The modules vary in their colour pallette, illustrations, voice styles, soundtrack and content.

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