Empowering organisations through next-generation learning experiences.

Rhubarb is here to breathe new life into online learning.

We are an industry-recognised eLearning consultancy based in the UK that specialises in producing the industry’s most exciting eLearning content.

Currently, the vast majority of content produced in the eLearning space is let down by clunky user interfaces and generally poor design.

We are changing this.

Learners should genuinely enjoy the process of learning so that it no longer becomes a chore. This drives us in creating truly unique learning experiences to make the end user go "wow“.

The benefit of this process is threefold:

The learner gets more out of the course.

The company has an employee with greater knowledge...

... and a greater willingness to participate in further learning.

Our Services

Bespoke eLearning

Bespoke designs tailored to your brand to give your content a fresh & modern feel.

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Learning Strategy

Build learning strategies to take advantage of technology and meet the ever-changing learning needs of your organisation.

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